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Because only a dream team can make a dream reality. Many told us that building Grayhats IoT would be impossible. Some even said we'd better make an app, because it's a lot easier. Our team exists of those dreamers, the brightest kids in class, the artists, that accepted the challenge. Together we went to the extreme, to create something that's actually changing the world for the better.

Our philosophy

At Grayhats we work to create a world where all technology is connected, fun and easy to use.

We believe that every human being can be creative, yet we found that current technology is too limited. Grayhats Smart Homes gives every person the possibility to use their creativity and improve the world around them.

By connecting services and devices, problems can be solved that before seemed unsolvable. With Grayhats Smart Home Solutions everyone has access to the right tools to make even the most impossible ideas a reality.

What is at Grayhats is more than just a product. It’s a statement. A statement that the world should be open, creative and connected. Together with our community, we set an example of how the future is going to be like.

We Try to Build Products that put some magic in the hands of every human being.

Grayhats IoT Smart Homes

"To build products that scale your lives"


Simple solutions. Huge Impact . Grayhats.

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